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somber adj
1 grave or even gloomy in character; "solemn and mournful music"; "a suit of somber black"; "a somber mood" [syn: sombre]
2 lacking brightness or color; dull; "drab faded curtains"; "sober Puritan gray"; "children in somber brown clothes" [syn: drab, sober, sombre]

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  1. Dark or dreary in character; joyless; grim.
  2. Dark, lacking color or brightness.



Dark or dreary in character; joyless; grim
Dark, lacking color or brightness

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Acheronian, Acherontic, Cimmerian, Quaker-colored, Stygian, acier, apocalyptic, ashen, ashy, bad, baleful, baneful, black, blackish, bleak, bodeful, boding, caliginous, canescent, cinereous, cinerous, clouded, cloudy, creamy, dapple, dapple-gray, dappled, dappled-gray, dark, dark and gloomy, dark-colored, darkish, darksome, dead, deadened, decorous, delicate, demure, depressing, depressive, dim, dingy, dire, dismal, dispiriting, doomful, dove-colored, dove-gray, drab, drear, drearisome, dreary, dull, dusk, dusky, dusty, earnest, eggshell, evil, evil-starred, fateful, flat, foreboding, formal, frowning, funebrial, funereal, glaucescent, glaucous, gloomful, glooming, gloomy, gloss, grave, gray, gray-black, gray-brown, gray-colored, gray-drab, gray-green, gray-spotted, gray-toned, gray-white, grayed, grayish, grim, grim-faced, grim-visaged, griseous, grizzle, grizzled, grizzly, ill, ill-boding, ill-fated, ill-lighted, ill-lit, ill-omened, ill-starred, inauspicious, iridescent, iron-gray, lackluster, lead-gray, leaden, lifeless, light, livid, long-faced, lowering, lusterless, mat, mellow, menacing, mother-of-pearl, mouse-colored, mouse-gray, mousy, murky, nacreous, nigrescent, no-nonsense, obscure, of evil portent, ominous, opalescent, overcast, pale, pastel, patinaed, pearl, pearl-gray, pearly, portending, portentous, quiet, sad, saturnine, sedate, semigloss, serious, silver, silver-gray, silvered, silvery, simple, sinister, slate-colored, slaty, smoke-gray, smoky, sober, sober-minded, sobersided, soft, soft-colored, soft-hued, softened, solemn, sombrous, staid, steel-gray, steely, stone-colored, stone-faced, stormy, straight-faced, subdued, subtle, swart, swarthy, sweet, taupe, tender, tenebrous, thoughtful, threatening, triste, unfavorable, unfortunate, unlucky, unpromising, unpropitious, unsmiling, untoward, wan, weariful, wearisome, weary, weighty
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